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BY: m.duzek    |    4.7.2018

The most ridiculous crowdfunding campaigns that were extremely successful

Have you ever wondered how crazy an idea can be and still be successful in crowdfunding? A ...
BY: m.duzek    |    21.5.2018

Fake crowdfunding campaign: How not to be a victim

No one likes to be lied to. Especially when it comes to supporting projects and expecting ...
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Pros & cons of all types of crowdfunding

Did you know that crowdfunding, which you often read about on our blog, is called “R ...
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When should you start thinking about crowdfunding?

When is your project ready for crowdfunding? Is it when you have a solid background and do ...
BY: admin    |    6.10.2017

How does crowdfunding work and what to expect from it?

This article has a clear purpose. Its aim is not just to teach you what crowdfunding is al ...