Vocabulary Maps

$14 142Collected


Platform: Kickstarter

Backers: 400

Goal: $10 000

Exceeded by: $4 142

Campaign duration: 31 days

Provided services: Consultations, Entry to the Kickstarter platform, Setting up the campaign and pre-campaign, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing

Origin: Olomouc, Czech republic

The client came to us with a problem when they had limited finances, but a great product that they wanted to raise awareness for among teachers of primary, linguistic and secondary schools, not only in our country but also abroad. Through our collaboration they managed not only to reach out to local educators but also to the global public thanks to the crowdfunding campaign on the American crowdfunding portal – Kickstarter.

For the client, we provided complex crowdfunding and marketing consultations, set up e-mail campaigns for different target groups, managed, monitored and optimized Facebook social network advertising, and put their project on Kickstarter.

The result of our collaboration was a campaign that raised more than 140% of its original goal.

Vocabulary Maps is a tool that works very well with teaching vocabulary. This tool focuses only on vocabulary, but in a different way than what is usual in most of the schools around the world. We all love pictures, we all look forward to films and the authors of Vocabulary Maps Tomas Bednar and Suzannah Gearing have just used these human features to transform thought maps into pictures and make them a product that assists you to memorize the needed vocabulary.

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