Simulator of Legendary Czech Aeroplane L410

135 284 CZKCollected


Platform: HITHIT

Backers: 122

Goal: 50 000 CZK

Exceeded by: 85 284 CZK

Campaign duration: 46 days

Provided services: Campaign consultations

Origin: Prague, Czech republic

Our client’s dream was to launch a simulator of the legendary Czech aeroplane L410 Turbolet in Prague. It was not a regular simulator, but a wreck of a real plane.

To complete the simulator the inAero team needed to raise 50 000 CZK (2 298 USD). The HitHit campaign almost immediately caught the attention of the general public. Thanks to the fact that we’ve created a good campaign structure and interesting rewards for backers, the campaign was getting attention from the very first hours of the launch.

The first extraordinary success of the campaign was recorded just 48 hours after the launch when statistics reached the desired amount of 50 000 CZK and there was nothing showing us that this trend should be stopping. Motivated by the success of the campaign, we launched a complex promotional campaign that resulted, among other things, in Czechcrunch writing about the campaign. Czechcrunch is the best startup & technology focused online magazine in the Czech Republic.

After more than a month of intensive work, the campaign gathered more than 270 % of the target amount. Thanks to this mega success, the Czech Republic will have a unique flight simulator and there are already more than 120 pilots (backers) that can’t wait to try it.

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