Races of New Era

$9 473Collected


Platform: Kickstarter

Backers: 221

Goal: $7 000

Exceeded by: $2 473

Campaign duration: 38 days

Provided services: Entry to the Kickstarter platform

Origin: Uherské Hradiště, Czech republic

The client had a tested, unique board game with a post-apocalyptic theme, where he needed to fund an initial print in a minimal number of pieces, and above all to create a strong player community around his board game.

With this problem, he wanted to turn to the crowdfunding Kickstarter portal, but since he is not a citizen of one of the countries where Kickstarter is open for creators, he was denied and hence he started to look for alternatives. As the only alternative he found Fundchaser and our services.

We gladly solved his problem and allowed him to create his own crowdfunding project, which fueled the initial print of the RONE board game, which now has one expansion and several reprints.

We are very glad that we could be at the beginning of this post-apocalyptic saga.

RONE is a strategic post-apocalyptic card game for 2 or 4 players that takes place in a dark world full of destruction and suffering. RONE combines exciting and unique mechanisms, balance with infinite possibilities to play strategically in the game and ultimately win.

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