Neobyčejný Diář

86 950 CZKCollected


Platform: HITHIT

Backers: 220

Goal: 55 952 CZK

Exceeded by: 30 998 CZK

Campaign duration: 30 days

Provided services: Campaign consultations, set-up of the campaign and pre-campaign, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing

Origin: Kamenický Šenov, Czech republic

The client turned to our agency with the problem of getting finance to expand the production that would reduce the manufacturing cost per unit. Due to the character of the client’s product we decided to create a crowdfunding campaign on HitHit, which is a Czech portal.

During the client consultations we have touched on several topics ranging from pre-campaign, campaign marketing, to fulfilment options. As part of our collaboration with the client, we have created project video for the crowdfunding campaign “Neobyčejný Diář”, helped to manage an email campaign, set up and optimize Facebook social marketing efforts.

Neobyčejný Diář is a creative planner that varies in many respects to your standard versions. It was created according to the requirements of everyday people just like you! Whether you are a writer or a painter, you can find in it something that you would call your own. It will remind you of an important meeting, but will also entertain and teach you. Neobyčejný Diář increases your productivity by allowing you to write goals, tasks, and priorities. Neobyčejný Diář frees you from the unnecessary stress that you have forgotten something.

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