From Czech to Chicago, Creativity Transcends Borders

$4 005Collected


Platform: Kickstarter

Backers: 93

Goal: $3 450

Exceeded by: $555

Campaign duration: 32 days

Provided services: Campaign consultations, Entry to the Kickstarter platform, Setting up the campaign

Origin: Zlín, Czech republic

Client was interested in starting his career as a professional artist. For this purpose, he needed to create public awareness about himself and he decided to create one big event to achieve this and kickstart his career.

We suggested the client to use the crowdfunding tool for linking the art worlds of the US and the Czech Republic. Through the Kickstarter platform, which we have performed for the utmost minimal costs, we have succeeded in reaching out to Chicago artists who have decided to collaborate on a series of two exhibitions that took place in this city in the American Midwest.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and a series of exhibitions, the client became a professional artist and is now a member of the Mamahu Art Studio in Olomouc.

Marek has been interested in creativity and in art since childhood. With the help of his family and close friends, his desire for artistic creation expanded into something he thought would never be possible. By coming from a small village in the Czech Republic, living with art offered him an absolute freedom he could not achieve anywhere else. As Marek says in his own words: “There are no boundaries in art, no rules, only the emotions and feelings that flow through my body, and I am trapping them on canvas”.

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