208 420 CZKCollected


Platform: HITHIT

Backers: 188

Goal: 100 000 CZK

Exceeded by: 108 420 CZK

Campaign duration: 45 days

Provided services: Pre-campaign and campaign consultations

Origin: Prague, Czech republic

The client turned to us because of their lack of knowledge of the crowdfunding environment he wanted to use for marketing purposes for his newly created e-shop. During several consultations, we explained to the client how to create a crowdfunding project, the importance of pre-campaign, communication with supporters, and the creation of rewards for supporters. Our cooperation ended with a successful campaign that more than doubled its target.

The goal of Dramroom is to educate the world of premium spirits and show people that it is possible for decent money to drink quality alcohol – to enjoy the taste and smell of alcohol, to learn about them and to distinguish one from another. Dramroom degustation sets are gift cartridges with 5 different samples, each containing 0.04 l. Sets are carefully thematically designed to bring together a pleasant and, at the same time, simple tasting of premium alcohol in an untraditional way. Each set also includes a tasting notation for writing notes from the tasting, as well as cards for each selected alcohol with more detailed information – eg origin, age, type of ripening, taste profile and more.

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