Whales Destroying the World


Whales Destroying the World

Platform: Kickstarter
Goal: 4 500 USD
Number of Backers: 1020
Campaign duration: November 8th 2018 – December 14th 2018
Origin: Prague, Czech republic
Provided services: Crowdfunding and marketing consultations

Link: Whales Destroying the World – bluffing card game

Whales Destroying the World is bluffing card game that was more successful than the creator throught it could be. Thanks to its original content, concept and setting, it gained attention not only among the Kickstarter community, but also between card game reviewers, who have played the game and created video reviews of the original card game before and during the Kickstarter campaign.

We assisted the client with understanding the process of crowdfunding, what is necessary to build before the launch of the campaign and how to navigate through the Kickstarter page. Part of our collaboration was also submit their campaign for Kickstarter approval and orchestrate the process of wiring the raised funds to the Czech republic, where the creator of Whales Destroying the World is located.

Collaboration between Fundchaser and Whales Destroying the World was a success since it raised almost $20 000 more than it was its original goal by 1020 backers, which was incredible result that not even the creator had expected.

Amount pledged

24 398

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