R‑shield nanofiber scarf


R‑shield nanofiber scarf

Platform: Kickstarter
Goal: 10 000 USD
Number of Backers: 527
Campaign duration: November 20th 2018 – December 20th 2018
Origin: Brno, Czech republic
Provided services: Campaign consultations, Marketing strategy and implementation, Communication and relationship building

Link: The revolutionary R‑shield nanofiber scarf for smogless ride

R-shield is tje first scarf of its kind, because it protects you against harmful air particles that are all around you. When you live in the urban area you are breathing a little particles of dust, smog and other dangerous miniscule particles that you cannot see, but are slowly deterioting your health. R-shield developed a fashionable scarf equipped with double nanofibre membrane that is breatheable and sits securely on your face, which ensures that all the urban air particles that you normaly breathe, stay out. With R-shield you can keep your style and stay safe in the same time.

For the client we have planned the entire campaign from the very beginning to the very end. In cooperation with the marketing agency Happyend we have created a marketing strategy, executed it to the extent of our clients capabilities and all this work resulted in gaining first 527 customers and achieving more than 400% of the initial goal.

Amount pledged

42 895

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