Kannabi – Hemp vegan milk



Platform: HitHit
Goal: 100 000 CZK (4 847 USD based on the exchange rate by ČNB from February 26th, 2018)
Number of Backers: 269
Campaign duration: February 26th, 2018 – April 11th, 2018
Origin: Trnava, Slovakia
Provided services: Konzultace, vložení kampaně na Hithit, nastavení kampaně a předkampaně, Facebook marketing
Link: Kannabi

Producers of hemp milk Kannabi needed financial support to expand their production.

What is Kannabi?

Kannabi milk is healthier than animal milk, it has an exceptional taste, its design does not resemble anything from a similar segment, and in addition to its production there is no harm to animals.

With the client, we consulted the preparation, pre-campaign and the entire campaign on HitHit, Czech crowdfunding platform. The campaign itself was not easy. The Kannabi brand even underwent re-branding during the campaign, which proved to be the right move, which led to the successful collection of more than 100% of the target amount, the acquisition of over 250 backers and sparked media’s interest.

In addition to consulting, we provided the client with our know-how in promoting the crowdfunding campaign, especially on Facebook, which also contributed to the great success and popularity of Kannabi.

Amount pledged

5 313

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