Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game


Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game

Platform: Kickstarter
Goal: 7.500 USD
Number of Backers: 1.184
Campaign duration: October 18th, 2016 – November 16th, 2016
Origin: Prague, Czech republic
Provided services: Entry to the Kickstarter platform
Link: Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game


Client has come to us with the problem of entering the Kickstarter platform as a creator, which he could not legally and safely get in any other way even though he spent a lot of time doing a rigorous research and few attempts with different companies.

We have solved this problem very flexibly and placed their project on the crowdfunding portal Kickstarter, where they managed to overachieve and raise their goal multiple times.

After the campaign ended, we were able to transfer their earned funds to the Czech Republic and to the client’s account as quickly as possible. Everything was done without hindrance and to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

Godforsaken Scavengers is a game based on improvisation and survival against all prerequisites. Simple rules, exciting player interactions, a few gaming modes and a little gambling, are the characteristics of this unique card game. Leisure players like simple rules, fluent play and freedom of interaction will be more suited to demanding players who like the ability to customize the game. More challenging players can also deal with probabilities and discover hidden combinations.

Amount pledged

28 956

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