Platform: Kickstarter
Goal: 35 000 USD
Number of Backers: 46
Campaing duration: September 6th, 2017 – October 18th, 2017
Origin: Bratislava, Slovakia
Provided services: Campaign consultations, Set-up of the pre-campaign and campaign itself, Entry to the Kickstarter platform, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing, Content creation
Link: Geodventure – Augmented Reality Travel Game


The Geodventure travel game was already in early stages of development when its founder approached us about potential Kickstarter campaign. Our task was to set a promotion strategy in the pre-campaign and during the campaign, as well as ensure its placement on Kickstarter, create content for the campaign and set it up on the Kickstarter platform.

Geodventure is an augmented reality mobile game that is addressing a relatively targeted group of people who would be interested in this kind of technology even though it is still in the beginning of its creation.

Geodventure Kickstarter campaign miscalculated its very narrow target group, so the client decided to cancel the campaign. During the campaign, client received dozens of information when communicating with supporters and decided to use this information to improve the project and postpone the launch.

Geodventure is a mobile game that allows travelers to explore places around the world in an interactive and fun way. Using GPS and enhanced reality features, the game takes players through stories that take place in real-time and in a real setting of the players’ location.

Amount pledged

5 787

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