Platform: Kickstarter
Goal: 15 000 USD
Number of Backers: 470
Campaign duration: November 7th 2017 – December 7th 2017
Origin: Prague, Czech republic
Provided services: Campaign consultations, Entry to the Kickstarter platform, Set-up of the campaign and pre-campaign, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing

Link: BOHEMPIA: Sustainable, strong and comfy shoes made from Hemp

The client’s intention with the crowdfunding campaign at the American Kickstarter portal was to reach the market outside the Czech Republic and especially in the USA.

We consulted the client about the creation of the crowdfunding campaign, its organization on the portal, its marketing work during the pre-campaign and during the campaign itself, and we also built a landing page for the client, which is an essential tool for collecting lead contacts during the time leading to a launch of crowdfunding campaign.

We also allowed client to entry the Kickstarter crowdfunding portal. Upon completion of the campaign, where 178 supporters out of 400 were from North America, we transferred the selected funds back to the Czech Republic.

The campaign achieved its goal by addressing not only those 178 North American supporters, but also supporters from Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, France, Italy and, of course, the Czech Republic, thus expanding Bohempia brand and product awareness even to the furthest parts of our planet.

Bohempia is company that produces hemp, vegan and durable shoes, thanks to which they are comfortable, lightweight and breathable. They help to keep your feet dry and fresh by protecting you from moisture and preventing the growth of organisms that cause your feet to stink. Bohempia shoes are a responsible choice for people who want to minimize their impact caused by their fashion choices on the environment.

Amount pledged

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