Within your country and far away from home.

With years of experience with dozens of projects, we can guide you through planning a local campaign as well as one that has a worldwide impact.

The domain of our work is reward-crowdfunding, a campaign that provides its backers appropriate rewards for their trust in your project.

We specialize not only in the American giants of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but also on local platforms such as French Ulele and Czech HitHit.



Moving forward towards a successful goal cannot happen without proper preparation. 

A hasty start means you will significantly lower your chances to achieve your set goals. 

The research is a feasibility study of your future campaign that we create based on the history, success, and available data of past projects. 

Through research we are able to estimate what results are attainable for a campaign of your size.

Crowdfunding audit

The survey starts on crowdfunding portals where we are looking for similar successful campaigns to your project. 

Important information for us are the amount they raised, their PR work, positioning of their project, rewards offered and their price level. 

Thanks to this data we are able to estimate the possibilities and outcome of your crowdfunding campaign.

Market audit

It is necessary to evaluate not only crowdfunding projects but also the market and the field of your competition. 

We’ll find out what you’re up against, how strong your opponents are, and set the path for your project accordingly. 

Market audit will allow us to find the ideal positioning of your product on the market.


Who? What? How much?- We will gradually answer these questions by using all the information we have collected throughout the research process. 

We identify the strengths and benefits of your project compared to your competitors, define the ideal target customer group and the right form of communication. 

In addition, we set the right price range for your project and determine how much it is able to fundraise on the crowdfunding platform.



Incorrect definition of target audience and customer can be a stumbling block to every crowdfunding campaign.

Hardly any project knows precisely from the very beginning who their audience is, how do they behave and what  are their requirements and expectations. 

We will not only find the right target audience for you, but we will also validate and then target it with the right communication channels.


We will thoroughly examine all your hypotheses and propose an appropriate target audience based on our initial audits. 

We will take into account your experience and assumptions.  As a result the validation process will be cost effective.


Accurate identification of your potential customers is an essential part of quality marketing communication throughout the campaign. 

We will help you not only with its definition, but also with the design of communication so that the level of customer engagement is as high as possible.


You can have a perfect project, but the lack of a coherent concept can overwhelm your audience. 

Together with you, we will build the concept of the entire project to stay on track to achieve your set goals. 

We will create a concept for you to follow.


Creative work

First impression is important. You have to make a mark within just a few seconds. 

Clear visuals will transmit the most information to your target customer and are crucial in the process of deciding whether to support a campaign or not. 

We will give your project a professional yet human face.


The design of the crowdfunding page, web presentation, microsites, social media channels and newsletters is important for all those interested in you and your project. 

Visual aspect of the project is an integral part of the entire campaign and should be unifying and present in all stages of the campaign. 

You can leave the creative concept for us to deal with.


Audiovisual elements are now a necessity for any crowdfunding campaign. 

Photos, videos, the design of the entire project and its rewards – all this requires special attention, which results in backers and supporters that make your campaign successful. 

We will not only advise you on how to handle all the visual elements, we will also be able to tailor them exactly to your project.


Reacting to feedback is crucial part of any professional work. 

Constructive criticism can push your project further and help it succeed. 

We constantly test and adjust all of the visual elements and modify them according to the feedback we receive from the target customer group.


Prelaunch campaign

At least a three-month prelaunch campaign is a must for every crowdfunding project that wants to achieve its goals. 

The length of the prelaunch campaign however, depends on the ambitions of the crowdfunding project. 

There is a clear proportion – the greater the expectation and the bolder the idea you have, the longer and more elaborate the preparation you have to go through.


At this stage we have a set concept, we’ve defined target customers and a communication strategy. 

We’re slowly getting to the phase when you have to promote the entire campaign. 

The goal is clear – to reach the maximum number of people from the target customer group as soon as possible and collect as many leads that will know your story and be ready to back your project when you decide to start the campaign.


The details that make up a successful campaign will be an important part of our cooperation. Optimizing, tuning, searching, refining – these are the key aspects of this phase. 

Based on the data that we will gradually acquire, we will refine our hypotheses, make the targeting of communication channels even more effective, and thus gain more leads in the form of curious potential customers for your project. 

This is how we gain satisfied backers throughout the entire campaign.


Every project has a story. 

From the idea that stood at its beginning, to the harmony of the whole team of people who decided to sacrifice their time, energy and money to develop your project. 

We want to speak proudly and loudly about the efforts that preceded the campaign and will continue even after the campaign ends.



Majority of creators focus most of their energy on the campaign. In fact, it is a complex puzzle piece in which no detail can be underestimated. 

During the campaign you have to convert the efforts of your previous work and pre-campaign into a successful start and most importantly leads to backers. 

The most important part of the campaign is the beginning, which underestimation can sink your crowdfunding ship.


Conversion is the transformation of leads from curious and interested people in your product and brand to real backers. 

Management of well-balanced and clearly communicated promotion is the basis for every crowdfunding campaign we participate in.


The campaign is running and you are communicating like you are supposed to, but the support of your project is not as high as you estimated and the numbers are not rising. In this phase we need to think about conversions.

It is the transformation of leads from curious and interested people in your product or brand to real backers.

Management of well-balanced and clearly communicated promotion is the basis for every campaign we participate in.


Throughout the life of your crowdfunding campaign we regularly evaluate how your campaign is performing at a particular stage, whether it works the way you imagined it and whether it reaches your milestones. 

Based on the evaluation results we suggest improvements to overachieve your set milestones of your crowdfunding campaign.



Support is about trust. Trust is about communication. You have to be transparent, trustworthy, and honest when communicating with your backers. 

We will show you how to set up your Kickstarter specific communication so that it is not only properly targeted, but also adequate and thought out from the first article to the last Facebook post.


Communicating timely, honestly and transparently with those who have decided to trust your project enough to invest money in it is essential to the success of your project. 

A good communication increases the credibility of not only your project, but also you as a creator.

General public

Your backers won’t appear out of thin air. 

In order to obtain them, you need to communicate your project effectively and regularly to your target customer group. 

We will work with you to communicate the right message to the right people and adapt it to your data and the status of the particular person within the sales funnel.


Building awareness of your project should not be done without sufficient media visibility. 

Well crafted press kit, media list, outreach and follow up plan is crucial in getting noticed by desired media and increasing your credibility through publication of your press release in the right outlets.

Would you like to discuss your campaign with us?

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