The most ridiculous crowdfunding campaigns that were extremely successful

Have you ever wondered how crazy an idea can be and still be successful in crowdfunding? And maybe not only successful but also extremely popular?

Throughout the years of work with our clients, we’ve encountered several campaigns one would call strange or even weird.

There’s nothing wrong with ridiculous crowdfunding campaigns. More so, crowdfunding is exactly about such ideas. So, the questions is, is there anything like ”crazy” in the world of campaign creators and backers?

The answer? Absolutely yes.

What’s even more interesting about the campaigns you will get to know in this article is that they are not only strange and crazy but also extremely successful. Some of them did such a good job that many creators still use them as examples of great crowdfunding.

No more talking. Let’s do this!


Killing insects with chemicals has many side effects. All of them are unpleasant. Lorenzo Maggiore has decided to solve this problem – he created a plastic weapon that fires salt at insects in such a speed and strength that it can kill smaller insects.

Is that strange enough?

Campaign goal: $15,000

Amount collected: $555,636

Number of backers: 10 764

The Menurkey

The Menurkey campaign and its young creator, Anthony Weintraub, took advantage of a very exceptional moment in time. In November 2013, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving took place on the same day. On this occasion, Anthony decided to create a menorah – a six-branched Jewish lamp – in the form of a turkey.


Campaign goal: $25,000

Amount collected: $48,345

Number of backers: 820

Jeffrey Self’s Broken Tooth

With the following campaign, we go into the real waters of crowdfunding madness.

When Jeffrey broke off a tooth, he was very frustrated because he could not eat his favorite food – sandwiches. In addition, Jeffrey did not have any insurance, and he needed to fix the tooth.

Solution? Indiegogo campaign, which attracted more than 200 backers.

Campaign goal: $3,400

Amount collected: $3,650

Number of backers: 183


Remee is a campaign that moves between science fiction, fantasy, and complete madness.

The creators of the project introduced a sleeping mask that allows one to control their dreams. From traveling galaxies to conversations with one’s own ego – Remee can do everything.


Campaign goal: $35,000

Amount collected: $572,891

Number of backers: 6 557

Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project

Another project labeled with the word crazy.

One day, Kurt decided that he wants to see a small airplane write a joke on the sky above Los Angeles. Later he found out that a short announcement costs more than $4,000. So he decided to get enough financial support on Kickstarter to pay a pilot to write one of his jokes on the sky. Result? Huge success.


Campaign goal: $4,000

Amount collected: $6,820

Number of backers: 257

Squirrel Census

Are you into squirrels and basic mathematics?

If so,  Squirrel Census will impress you.

A group of enthusiasts decided to do squirrel counting at Inman Park in Atlanta, but there was no funding for the research process.

For this reason, the team decided to create a Kickstarter campaign that was very successful. At the end of the day, the researchers shared their findings with the whole world.


Campaign goal: $7,500

Amount collected: $8,982

Number of backers: 102

Believe it or not, even such crazy campaigns find success on crowdfunding portals.

Some projects managed to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars. And we know that if campaigns with such crazy ideas have done so, you can surely do it as well. We’ll cross our fingers for you!