10 tips on how to communicate your crowdfunding campaign more effectively

Every successful project has to find a healthy balance between product development, marketing, supply chain management and fulfilment.

Most teams concentrate too much on one thing only and forget about the other. They have a great product, but because there is no marketing strategy, no one is interested in it, because nobody knows about it.

To avoid failure of your campaign, make sure that you focus equally on product development as well as marketing. To ensure that you deliver on your promises and get backers, what they bought from you, communicate with your supply chain including your fulfilment centres way ahead of start of your campaign.

There is no universal guideline on how to come up with an excellent and popular product, we leave the product to you.

We would love to share with you our experience with marketing of your crowdfunding campaign and some practical tips on how to share the word about your campaign quickly and efficiently.