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Your successful crowdfunding campaign is our specialty. Over 50 projects serve as an evidence of it.

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Number one in the Central Europe

We assist our clients to successfully complete their crowdfunding campaign. 

We put Skinners and hemp shoes brand Bohempia on the feet of the world. Paved the way for a successful campaign of stable skis STAKI, and we regularly spread a number of card and board games from both real and fantasy worlds. 

We have already assisted our clients to earn more than $1.5M worldwide, gain countless feedback interactions and secure business opportunities outside of crowdfunding.

We open the gates of Kickstarter for you

American crowdfunding legend Kickstarter is still holding its doors closed for projects from some Central European countries. 

A whole range of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian creators seem to have no chance to seek the attention of a valuable foreign audience. 

We know the way in. 

With our support, you will be able to earn customers from all over the world.

We build on real data and experience

The crowdfunding world is changing dynamically, but the foundation remains the same. 

In our work we follow long-term practices to ensure your campaign is successful. But we don’t stop there. We are adjusting the campaign as it is running, based on the data we receive during the campaign and also through the experience of more than 50 crowdfunding campaigns we worked on in the past. 

Key performance indicators are not just a buzzword for us, but a necessity.

Our projects



Platform: Kickstarter

The client turned to us because he had a problem with accessing Kickstarter as a creator from the Czech Republic.

Goal $10 000
Exceeded by $644 557
Whales Destroying the World

Whales Destroying the World

Platform: Kickstarter

Whales Destroying the World is bluffing card game that was more successful than the creator throught it could be.

Goal $4 500
Exceeded by $19 898


Platform: Kickstarter

Bohempia is company that produces hemp, vegan and durable shoes, thanks to which they are comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

Goal $15 000
Exceeded by $22 216
Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game

Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game

Platform: Kickstarter

Godforsaken Scavengers is a game based on improvisation and survival against all prerequisites.

Goal $7 500
Exceeded by $21 456

Do you want to run a crowdfunding campaign?

Do you have your own idea, dream, project you want to breathe life into? Do you already have a business plan? Are you looking for a partner for your crowdfunding campaign? 

Join forces with a single specialized crowdfunding agency in the Central Europe and get the funding from a larger community through crowdfunding.

Contacts us and we will get back to you within the next 48 hours. Let’s create together!

What stands between you and successful campaign?

Successful crowdfunding campaign needs time. From the initial analysis and preparation of the pre-campaign, through the acquisition of backers, to the communication after the end of the campaign with all who have put their trust in your project. 

In total it can take between six months to a year. The Fundchaser team will guide you through every step so that your campaign not only meets its goal, but exceeds it multiple times.

We’ll lead you through the crowdfunding jungle.

You will not get lost with us in the complicated environment of campaign preparation and you will triumph in earning the trust of backers.

The quality of our work and approach to clients is underlined by dozens of successful  projects.

Reality without illusions.

Neither Kickstarter nor Indiegogo and other platforms will make your campaign successful.

The key to success is connected to your realization that you need to put work in your campaign long time before the campaign launches. If you launch your campaign without the necessary preparation, you will be left with nothing and a lot of time wasted. 

That’s why we are here. 

With a proven track record and we will prepare a “turnkey” campaign tailored to your needs and goals.

Thanks to our expert care, you will get backers ready to support you since the very beginning.

Regardless of scale and your size.

Are you a small team, but have big plans with your project? Is your business too big to focus on a new project? Are you looking for expert advice, consultation, or a professional “push” forward to meet a more ambitious goal? 

From tailor-made campaigns for your target audience, to small tips and assistance, we can be the part of your team you need. Whatever your reasons for crowdfunding campaign may be, we’ll be there for you.

A ton of experience that has a real weight.

You will hardly find a more experienced partner for your campaigns in Central Europe. We worked on dozens of projects that raised hundreds of thousands of US dollars. 

Fundchaser is no longer just a local affair and you will get the feel for it through our professional work.

We've looked through Kickstarter's algorithms.

The way campaigns are listed is often a secret formula for many crowdfunding platforms. 

With the most popular – Kickstarter – we have found out the way they do it. 

We know the recipe for your campaign to stay on the top of this portal’s listing and we would love to pass it on to you.

We are your guides from start to finish.

The preparation and implementation of the campaign and communication after it is over is a tricky and complex process. 

The path, which ends with your products successfully delivered to your backers, is lined with many pitfalls, dead ends, and important decisions. 

Without the help of professionals, you can easily get lost in the process and even give up. We won’t let you down. 

We will guide you through all the danger zones to the very end.

A successful campaign is not the end.

The goal of every campaign is not only to prepare a perfect campaign that has gained finances and media awareness, but above all the heart and support of many enthusiastic backers. 

They have invested in you and your project and now are waiting for rewards that your promised to them for their confidence in your project. 

You must not forget them, you must not disappoint them, you must not underestimate anything. 

The post-campaign phase and communication with your new community is an integral part of the process of a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

With Fundchaser you will be ready for your community management.

Put your project into the hands of professionals.

Our main domain is experience and proven processes. The reward for you entrusting your campaign to us will be our honest work.