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Having a great idea is not enough. You have to know how to sell it.

As the first agency in the Czech Republic we are helping you to succeed on the largest crowdfunding platform in the world.

Launch on Kickstarter with us. We are here at home.

We will get you in

Getting overseas is very often a problem with many American services, including Kickstarter. We can meet the demanding administrative requirements with which most of the European projects have a problem. Together we can launch your campaign with all the benefits needed for its success. Just like you have been always living in the USA.

We show you how things work around here

Having a unique idea means having unique demands. Exactly according to the nature of your project, we will select tips, tricks, contacts, and other resources to help you stand out within your desired community of supporters instead of fading in with other projects.

We'll get you to the right people

Every item has its buyer, but not everybody can find it. We have been involved in quite a number of campaigns to know how to choose the best way to find and to reach out to a specific community. We will create for you a professional marketing strategy, an optimal selection of promotional channels and a database of relevant contacts from around the world.

We will help you make an impression

Why is it that people give their money to unknown dreamers for a non-existent project? They believe in him and take him for his own. In order to do this, trust, sympathy and a bit of desire must be awakened in them. Our creative and production team will prepare for you material that will help you to awake just those emotions: video, photos, graphics and texts.

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These are our clients

R‑shield nanofiber scarf

$42 895

Goal: $10 000

Lars van de Goor

$16 388

Goal: $15 000

Vocabulary Maps

$14 141

Goal: $10 000


$654 557

Goal: $10 000

This is how they talk about us

The pitfalls of crowdfundig campaigns are lurking on every corner, and if you want to avoid most of them, you should definitely think of a partner who has experience with these problems, knows how to deal with them and how to prevent them. And one of such partners is the Fundchaser.

Štěpán Štefaník, RONE

Collaboration with David and Martin has gone smoothly and always in a friendly spirit. For the success of the campaign, they did much more than they had to, and the expression 'put in the heart' in this case is not a cliché.

Vít Libovický, Our Love Challenges

Anytime there was something needed to be done, Martin and David were immediately ready and were able to come up with solution. Our cooperation on the Kickstarter campaign went well and collected funds came within the agreed upon timeframe.

Petr Procházka, Skinners

The entire team looks at the work with heart, so if they will work with you, it means they will be peddling for your project as if they were theirs. Prepare to be pushed forward until you cross the goal line and succeed. I am incredibly grateful for their support and advice.

Tomáš Bednář, Vocabulary Maps

Even though we were working on our Kickstarter campaign for a quiet long time, without the help of Foundchaser, the campaign would be much harder to run. Their experience with the Kickstarter community, targeting online advertising, communication with backers, and the style of social networking, have been a great asset to the campaign. I recommend to work with Fudchaser to everyone who is preparing for a Kickstarter campaign.

David Rubek, Staki

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